a practicing artist, professor and maker living in Manhattan Kansas where I head the ceramics program at Kansas State University.

My experience in ceramics spans the better part of two decades and has taken my work and research to nearly a dozen countries. My formal education began at Southern Oregon University and continued on at Sierra Nevada College where I received a BFA in Ceramic Art.  I completed the terminal degree in the field of studio art, an MFA, at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred UniversityAfter graduating I spent four years as an artist and educator in Beijing China teaching ceramic design for industry at the prestigious CAFA, (Central Academy of Fine Art) City Design School.

Excerpt from my artist statement about my work , “it leverages the geological, technological and sociological materiality of clay to examine legacy, codification and decay through the plight of the individual and ubiquity of a society. Utilizing an analogue and binary mash-up, I create installations with ceramic sculpture, video media and a conceptualized version of the print process.”

While my better know work is often categorized as installation or sculpture I remains an active utilitarian ceramic object maker and designer. Much of the conceptual values present in my installations manifest as subtlety embedded threads in my objects for use; “Utility is a capsule for concept, content and communication”.